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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Doula?

    The word ‘doula’ comes from the ancient Greek, meaning ‘woman’s servant’ but here, Doula means a woman who helps other women in childbirth and beyond. Historically, the women of a laboring mother's family assisted the mother while in labor. In modern day society, the Doula's job has become very popular due to distance from family, social/economic changes, and differing opinions about birth.

  2. Does a Doula replace my birth partner?

    As a Doula, my number one priority is supporting the mother. In recent years, more fathers and additional support people have decided to join the mother in labor. With this in mind, I work closely with all chosen members of the support team to provide comfort, encouragement, and information. Through leading by example and gentle direction, I assist, support, and empower the mother and her partner in achieving their birthing goals.

  3. Will you attend my birth if I have a cesarean section?

    Whether you are having a planned cesarean or an unplanned one, a Doula can support both you and your partner through this sometimes scary and very emotional time. In addition to providing physical comfort and emotional support, I will be able to inform you and your partner on what to expect and help you prepare for it.

    Dependant on the hospital protocol, I can join your partner in the OR. If not, I will be there for you in recovery to assist with breastfeeding or any other needs.

  4. Do you come to my home in early labor?

    Most laboring mothers prefer to stay home during early labor where they can relax, move, and eat to their comfort. I can come to your home when you feel you need the support.

  5. Do you only take clients who want a natural unmedicated labor and delivery?

    As a Doula, I am there to support your desires and ensure you have the opportunity to make informed decisions.

    I have experience with unmedicated, medicated, medically augmented, and induced births.

  6. Does a Doula perform medical tasks?

    A Doula does not perform any medical tasks. She is there for comfort, praise, and reassurance.

  7. Do Doulas work only with midwives?

    No. Because Doulas are hired privately by the client, they work for the client regardless of if it's a Doctor or Midwife, home or hospital planned birth.

  8. How does a Doula work with hospital staff?

    A Doula is not there to take the place of the healthcare team. Primary care providers are responsible for the medical health needs of the mother and baby. A Doula helps ensure that the mother’s non-medical needs are also met. Doulas do not perform any medical or clinical procedures. Instead, a doula provides constant care throughout the entire labor and delivery, and for several hours postpartum. Doulas act as a liaison with the medical staff, but do not make decisions for or speak on behalf of the mother.

  9. What are the benefits of having a doula?

    Research shows that with a doula present there is a:

    • reduction in cesarean rate

    • reduction in duration of labor

    • reduction in epidural requests

    • reduction in Pitocin use

    • reduction in analgesia use

    • reduction in forceps/vacuum delivery

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